Spice Blending Workshop - Sept 8th - 6:30pm

About this experience

Calling all spice enthusiasts! Get ready to take your seasoning game to a whole new level before BBQ Season is over! Say goodbye to the basic salt, pepper, and garlic routine and join us for an exciting workshop that will elevate your flavor game.

Introducing Mr. Gabriel, a skilled culinary artisan and educator, who is here to guide you on a flavor-filled journey. Discover the secrets behind smoker/grill setups, unravel the differences between BBQ regions and what makes each one unique, and learn how to create your very own mouthwatering sauce or spice blend.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to perfect your BBQ skills and create a grilling session tailored to your taste. Secure your ticket today and join Mr. Gabriel at  G+H Custom Workshop. Unleash the potential of your grill and become the ultimate BBQ master!

Each participant will leave with their own spice mixes to enjoy!

Each Participant will learn:
1) The five different profiles of flavor 
2) What each ingredient does to the scent/flavor profile of the blend 
3) How to measure confidently without kitchen tools using the palms of your hands 
4) Smoking VS. Grilling
5) The four popular BBQ regions plus VA
6) Types of sauce
7) Where their pallet lies on the BBQ spectrum.

Maximum participants: 12

Age requirement: Age 14 and older. Participants under 17 must be accompanied by an adult workshop participant.

In the event that the minimum participant threshold is not met, the class will be canceled and a full refund of your fee will be provided.