Succulent Terrarium Workshop - August 26th- 6pm

About this experience

During this workshop, attendees will get their hands dirty putting together a beautiful succulent terrarium using a curated selection of high-quality materials, including course sand, rocks, and live succulent plants.

Our instructor will guide you through the terrarium-building process, providing tips and insight on how to care for the plants to help them thrive. These terrariums are easy to care for and add a nice touch of nature to any indoor setting.

See how everyone’s creativity and style comes through in their own personal, unique creation! 

All materials are included.

Age restrictions: 12 years and older, under 17 must be accompanied by an adult workshop participant.

Maximum Participants: 12

In the event that the minimum participant threshold is not met, the class will be canceled and a full refund of your fee will be provided.